PAC Systems Programming

Class Details

The PACSystems Programming course familiarizes students with GE Intelligent Platforms PACSystems Controller programming concepts and Proficy Machine Edition software. Starting with the PACSystems software architecture, students are taught how to effectively develop control applications using building block concepts. This course builds upon Object-Oriented concepts with User-Defined Function Blocks (UDFBs), as well as the development of application components using Structured Text (ST) and Function Block Diagram (FBD) programming languages.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for those who are or will be involved in the development, modification, and troubleshooting of control systems using Proficy Logic Developer and PACSystems controllers.

Are There Any Prerequisites?

Participants should be comfortable operating Microsoft Windows, and have some experience of: 

  • Control fundamentals
  • Proficy Logic Developer PLC
  • Ladder Diagram (LD) programming

What Tasks Will Be Taught in This Class?

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 

  • Describe the PACSystems Software Architecture    
  • Describe the RX3i PACSystems Controller Operation & Components     
  • Utilize the basic functions of Proficy Machine Edition – Logic Developer PLC    
  • Create New Machine Edition Projects    
  • Configure and work with RX3i PACSystems Controllers    
  • Utilize programming guidelines for developing robust control applications    
  • Understand and effectively use the different types of PACSystems Variables    
  • Use UDFBs to build structured applications    
  • Effectively use the Machine Edition Toolchest as a repository for Application Building Blocks     
  • Create, Monitor, and Modify running PACSystems applications    
  • Develop application components using Structured Text & Function Block Diagram programming    
  • Create application using Application Building Blocks previously developed in the course

Class Info